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​​​​​​​Fennario's Wolf

About Fennario's Wolf

Fennario's Wolf is the newgrass acoustic ensemble founded by mandolinist Edwin Lightner. Featuring a special musical guest at each performance. Edwin, a classical trained musician brings a unique approach to bluegrass stringband Americana. First playing with the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra in 2004 Edwin noticed the similar structures of bluegrass and classical music. Combining traditional and innovative acoustic music with exploratory improvisation using a strong background in music theory, Edwin creates an exclusive musical experience. Playing traditional and composed songs adding a guest performer from folk, rock and jazz music backgrounds ensures an extraordinary sound at each performance. Our performances are carefully rehearsed and we add improvisational grace that is challenging, with a fresh prospective on bluegrass, folk, rock, and jazz Americana. Our goal is to take American traditional music and make it our own with the addition to original musical works.

In 2003, Edwin found mandolin instructor Joyce Adams, First Mandolinist & concert leader of the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra. Edwin developed a classical right hand technique passed down to Joyce from her teacher Conrad Gebelein (founder of John Hopkins University Band, and the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra). Within a year, he was playing Second Mandolin in the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra. Over the next few years, he started applying this technique to bluegrass folk, rock and jazz music and playing on multiple albums. In 2007 Edwin was a finalist in the 2007 CMSA Classical Mandolin Competition playing Conrad Gebelein's original piece "Sunset".